Our Faculty
St. Mary School is a member of the school system of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools.

All full-time faculty are licensed or licensing in the state of North Carolina.  The caring faculty and staff provide a safe, stimulating environment.  Our graduates go on to area high schools and many are among the top students in their classes.

St. Mary School is fully accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and meets all standards set forth by the Association.
School Staff
Joyce Price Mrs. Joyce Price
910-762-5491 ext. 140
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Susan Linn Mrs. Susan Linn
School Secretary
910-762-5491 ext. 140
Sharon Marren Ms. Sharon Marren
Business Manager
910-762-5491 ext. 158
JoAnn Daley Mrs. JoAnn Daley
Development Director
910-762-5491 ext. 110
Phil Davis Mr. Phil Davis
Facilities Manager
910-762-5491 ext.115
Vickie Hudson Mrs. Vickie Hudson
Cafeteria Manager
Photo Coming Soon    Mr. Daniel Scullion
IT/Technology Instruction/Media Center
Photo Coming Soon    Mrs. Marie Pafford
Media Center Assistant
School Faculty
Amy Gratwick Mrs. Amy Gratwick
Pre-K 3 Program
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Molly Schumitsch Mrs. Molly Schumitsch
Pre-K 4 Program
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Elizabeth White Mrs. Elizabeth White
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Katie Anderson Ms. Katie Anderson
First Grade
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Allison Lenz Mrs. Allison Lenz
First Grade
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Alyssa Valente Ms. Alyssa Valente
Second Grade
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Nicole Golf Mrs. Nicole Golf
Third Grade
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Lisa Connaughton Mrs. Lisa Connaughton
Fourth Grade
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Stephanie Watts Mrs. Stephanie Watts
Fourth Grade
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Laura Juelke Mrs. Laura Juelke
Fifth Grade
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Tracy Cordon Mrs. Tracy Cordon
Sixth Grade
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Karen Brown Mrs. Karen Brown
Seventh Grade
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Larry McFarlane Mr. Larry McFarlane
Eighth Grade
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Charlie Hite Mr. Charles Hite
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Terri Quinn Mrs. Terry Quinn
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Kevin Murphy Mr. Kevin Murphy
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Richard Purcell Mr. Richard V. Purcell
Band Program
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Tony Viollis Mr. Anthony Viollis
Athletics Director
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Lorraine Westermark Mrs. Lorraine Westermark
Violin Program
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Ms. Lynn O'Connell
Choral Music
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Kim Karns Mrs. Kim Karns
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Millie Moore Mrs. Millie Moore
Elementary School Spanish
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Photo Coming Soon    Mrs. Maria Duran
Middle School Spanish
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Caroline Caldropoli Mrs. Caroline Caldropoli
Teacher's Assistant
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Molly Hayworth Ms. Molly Hayworth
Teacher's Assistant
Heather Lowery Mrs. Heather Lowery
Teacher's Assistant
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Sandy O'Leary Mrs. Sandy O'Leary
Teacher's Assistant
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